Mill Colour Highlights | February 2020

From London to Los Angeles, we've brought together the latest and greatest grades by Mill Colourists. Take a look at recent highlights from The Mill Colour Team.
Work February 28, 2020

Thomas Mangham

The Mill LDN

Damien Van Der Cruyssen

The Mill NY

Super Bowl 2020 | Heinz | Find the Goodness

Oisin O’Driscoll

The Mill CHI

Super Bowl 2020 | Jeep | Groundhog Day

Seamus O’Kane

The Mill LDN

Super Bowl 2020 | Dashlane | Password Paradise


Mikey Rossiter

The Mill NY

Lincoln | Warm Escape

Alex Gregory

The Mill LDN

Three /Real 5G

James Bamford

The Mill LDN

Deka | Kiss

Josh Bohoskey

The Mill NY

Princess Nokia | Green Eggs & Ham