Mill Creative Director Yong Kim on our Seoul Studio’s latest collaboration with LG

LG Art Lab recently announced a collaboration with Sculptor Barry X Ball for a new series of NFTs and physical sculptures debuting at Frieze Los Angeles 2023. Our Seoul studio were approached to create a series of full CG films to promote the sculpture. Mill Creative Director Yong Kim runs us through how the project came to life.
Work February 22, 2023

What was the brief?

NIA approached us and asked us to create a 30 second-ish full CG film using Barry x Ball’s sculpture and eventually converting it to an NFT. Then they informed us that the project was for the LG Art Lab.


How was this brief tackled?

The brief was to create full CG content – which is exactly what The Mill is known for worldwide. We took it as an opportunity to showcase the Seoul studio’s creative capabilities. 


We’re there any challenges and how we’re these overcome?

The challenge was to come up with a visual narrative using Barry X Ball’s art piece, as that was an integral part of the project and that’s how we were going to connect viewers to the sculpture. 

We ended up coming up with an idea, starting with a microscopic world of raw material and gradually pulling out to show the entirety of the piece. With that, we were able to not only showcase intricate detail of the piece, but also capture the unexpected look of it on the other side as well. 

How do these films demonstrate the capabilities of The Mill’s Seoul studio?

One of the main reasons clients come to us is for the creativity we can provide. That was why from the beginning of the project we were so focused on delivering creative with a unique visual approach that fits into the piece to tell the story with it. I think this again proves that The Mill Seoul is establishing itself further within the industry.

Discover more about the project here. You can also get in touch with our Seoul Studio via our contact page.