Mill Culture | Round-up of this week’s events in our global offices

We work hard to maintain an engaged community at The Mill which fosters creativity and commitment. Discover what our global network of studios were up to this week.
Community July 15, 2022

Bronx Film Initiative | NY

Bronx Film Initiative is a non-profit that exposes disadvantaged NYC youth to the process of filmmaking and storytelling, giving them the opportunity to create a career path within the industry. This tour, led by Mae Mann, Gavin Wellsman, Jeeeun Lee, Emily Meger, Ashley Woods, Joseph Zappulla, and Amy Staropoli, showed the students the lifecycle of a project from start to finish.

Ghetto Film School – Pitch Day 2022 | LA

Ghetto Film School is an award-winning non-profit that educates and develops the next generation of storytellers. The Mill’s London, New York and Los Angeles studios have partnered with Ghetto Film School to host Pitch Day, an opportunity for students to get real-time feedback on their short-film scripts and pitching and presentation skills. The judging panels consist of The Mill’s Directors, VFX and CG artists, ECDs, CDs, Editors and Production teams, who provide advice based on their collective expertise and experience.

D&AD Shift | London

We’ve teamed up with D&AD this year for the New Shift Scheme that promotes diversity in our industry by educating creative individuals from underprivileged backgrounds on all areas of the advertising industry and helping them with work placements. Our London session was led by Creative Director Kevin Young and focused on innovation and what that means to Kevin personally.

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