Mill Director Jocelyn Anquetil creates new VOXI spot celebrating the multi-faceted identities of Gen Z

Work September 7, 2020

VOXI by Vodafone has launched its new ‘Be Endless’ platform in collaboration with WPP Team Red which celebrates the multi-faceted identities of Gen Z and shows how unlimited access to social media on VOXI gives them the freedom to endlessly evolve and show their many sides.

The campaign features the above TV Commercial, produced by our Mill Direction team and directed by Mill Director Jocelyn Anquetil. The TVC follows a young woman expressing her many sides through recognised social media behaviours as she travels through her world of influencers, memes, liked posts and social sharing. The spot culminates in the hero’s own expression of endlessness.

Dougal Meese, Executive Producer at The Mill comments: “We really enjoyed teaming up with Ogilvy & Voxi for this project. The Voxi branding is so perfect for Jocelyn’s style – fresh, future-thinking & with a sense of humour. We’ve seen her directing talent grow enormously in the last two years – across videos, shorts & commercials. It’s great to see young home-grown talent flourish & develop.”

The visual language for this spot which augments illustrations within photography in order to express the audience’s multi-dimensional identities will extend across all brand touchpoints, bringing to life the idea that with VOXI you’re free to be endless.


You can check out more of Jocelyn’s work on her Creator profile & get in touch with the team here.