Mill Director | Kwok Fung Lam

Kwok is a director specialising in playful 2D and 3D character-led animation. His left field approach and weird and wonderful tastes give his work a unique twist. In his spare time he makes hot dog based animations and illustrations, as well as creating characters based on his children's imaginations.
Work May 6, 2020

Tell us about your career as a director so far 

It’s been pretty awesome. I started out directing at The Mill with Ivo Sousa, we did some great projects together, people still mention some of them in conversation. I learnt a lot from his crazy ways of working. As always, we decided to part ways after being sick of the sight of each other, just like many couples. I’ve been focussing on 2D animation projects since. It’s different directing solo as there’s no one to bounce off of, you’re always questioning the choices you make to find the best solution for the problem, and eat the consequences by yourself. Which is another way to learn I guess. There have been quiet periods but since the lockdown I’ve been busier than ever.


Talk us through your R&D reel (above)? 

It’s a collection of illustration and animation I’ve done over the years, in between and during projects. It was a way to keep producing work in a short space of time, that didn’t require a huge amount of resources either. Just an idea and a simple execution. I figured hotdogs are the easiest to draw, it’s a few lines basically, and the ideas revolved around adding puns to all of them. There are a few characters in there too. The animals are part of a longer form project that’s in the backburner which I dip into now and then. Keep posted on more here: IG / Twitter @porkhand.


Below: The Fableists | Epic Thread

You’ve just passed the 10 year mark at The Mill. How does it feel to have hit a decade?

A few years ago a friend of mine joked I’m a Mill lifer. Well, that’s crept up on me and yes, it feels like I’m a Mill lifer. Things have changed quite a bit in the last few years but the people are still great and I still enjoy going to work everyday, even if it’s now the desk under my stairs at home, and turning around to scream at the kids now and then.


How would you describe your style?

Playful and weird I guess.


Below: Daisie | Daisie Launch Film

Who would be your dream brand to collaborate with and why? 

Not a particular brand but I reckon a brand that traditionally takes itself very seriously would be a dream to bring my weird sense of humour to. Now that would be a dream project.


How has the current lock down affected the way you work just now? 

As mentioned above I’m busier than ever but I seem to get more done now as there is no one coming up to my desk. The kids are plugged into screens and headphones, apart from lunch and toilet breaks. It’s worked out so well, we even leave them to it at the weekends. It’s bliss.


What has it taught you about the way that you work?

It’s more about getting organised with my time. Being at home for such long periods for both work and family time it’s important to find clear cutoff points, especially when there’s always more work to do.


Discover more about Kwok on his Creator page, or head to his Instagram @porkhand.

Mill Director, Kwok Fung Lam