Mill Director | Nic Yiallouris

Nic is a creative film maker with a background in visual effects. This sensibility for creating highly-crafted images, figures strongly in his distinctive visual style. His love for cinematic aesthetics, unique perspectives and innovative techniques touches every aspect in his film making process and he’s always seeking to test the boundaries of the genre. With multiple international accolades behind him, his primary focus is to create compelling stories with grounded performance and heightened visuals.
Work May 22, 2020

How would you describe your directorial style?

I would say I like to test the boundaries, I have a distinctive taste for cinematic images and so visually, I aim for cinematic realism. I also believe that character is the foundation of any good story and so I like to invest a lot of time into performance and narrative structure.


What are your top on-set must-haves?

Good coffee (usually made by a barista who takes roasting way too seriously). A Director’s viewfinder. A varying set of vintage and modern lenses. Good tunes, a good vibe and sometimes, a crystal ashtray.


You recently directed a commercial completely in isolation for Zillow – what were your key takeaways from that experience?

I’m a believer, not only did we overcome the massive technical hurdle of data management but we also succeeded in delivering unique creative. But that wasn’t even the most impressive takeaway, due to the nature of production in isolation we had to adapt and in doing so we actually ended up streamlining some of the processes. The whole production happened in near real-time, there were daily calls with the whole team which meant next to no latency from shoot to post to delivery, who’d of thought.

Below: Zillow | The Real Value of Home

If you had to choose three favourite projects from over the years, what would they be?

AT&C | Directors Cut

Where are you sourcing your creative inspiration in isolation?

Oh I’m soaking up a broad spectrum of influence right now: Contemporary Artists (Alberto Mielgo), Authors (Victor Lavalle), Photographers (Bruce Davidson),  Screenwriters (Nic Pizzolatto), the list goes on…. and on.


Are you currently working on any personal projects?

I’ve just finished a short film “Saiigo” and I’m currently working on a show bible for a supernatural crime drama. Think Dexter meets Sixth Sense, if narrated by Steven King.


You can check out more of Nic’s work on his Creator page or on his Instagram @nic.yiallouris.

Mill Director Nic Yiallouris