Mill Director Nikola Stefanović & our Shanghai studio craft a magical CG underworld for Biotherm

Work February 27, 2023

Our Shanghai Studio, recently created a full CG magical underwater world for Biotherm in collaboration with the fine folks at AKQA.

Directed by our in-house director, Nikola Stefanović, we created a world teeming with energy, exotic life, and a wondrous and mysterious blue magic.

Working directly with AKQA’s creative team we designed and concepted the look for the whole underwater world – deliberately playing on a feeling of uncertainty if this is Earth or an alien world that we are discovering.

Nikola states: “World building is something we love to do and it was really interesting to design and create something different that also felt somewhat grounded, mysterious and visually emotive. The nature of the visuals leave you guessing as to where this world is, and the end planet leaves things deliberately ambiguous. We wanted to transport the viewers and I hope we achieved it.”

Mill VFX supervisor Yao Zhang adds: “It was a thrill to craft such a beautiful film for Biotherm. We had absolutely amazing concept art to start with and led by our talented director, Nikola, we managed to create a vivid and vibrant underwater world in a short period of time. Our team took great effort in not only making everything come to life, but also achieving a harmonious, dreamy look.”

You can get in touch with our VFX team in Shanghai via our contact page.