Mill Experience creative collaborations ‘6×9’ and ‘Paraíso Secreto’ referenced in new book ‘Immersion and Participation in Punchdrunk’s Theatrical Worlds’

Press March 4, 2021

Guardian ‘6×9’

Two Mill projects have been referenced in ‘Immersion and Participation in Punchdrunk’s Theatrical Worlds’, a recently released book that delves into the account of theatre company Punchdrunk and their award-winning productions. Author Carina E. I. Westling caught up with Creative Director Adam Grint to discuss “destabilised subject positions”, citing two of our VR projects – The Guardian’s ‘6×9’ and Corona’s ‘Paraíso Secreto’ as examples of this in use.

“The experience potential that comes from a destabilised subject position is demonstrated by the pioneering VR work produced by The Mill; notably 6 x 9, which was created in collaboration with Guardian VR and presented at Tribeca Film Festival to critical acclaim. 6 x 9 integrates the individual aspect of the designed experience and motivates the audience to project themselves not only visually but also psychologically, into the virtual space, and elides the ‘novelty trap’.”

Central to the book is a study of how immersive experience is produced in interaction with physical and digital scenography for participatory audiences. Through ethnographies of the company, their designers, actors, producers and audiences, the book interrogates the relationship between the aesthetics of interaction and the experience of immersion in Punchdrunk’s work.


You can find out more about ‘Immersion and Participation in Punchdrunk’s Theatrical Worlds’ here and check out more of Adam’s work via his Creative Talent page.