Mill Experience | EA Sports FIFA Filters gain over 93 million impressions

Work May 17, 2020

Continuing our partnership with EA Sports, we teamed up to launch the highly anticipated FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)  Instagram filters. In January we launched the Team of The Year filter which features a new cast and special cards from players of the last European football season. To date, this has had 62,430,617 impressions with 6,233,380 captures.

The Mill’s Creative Director Tom Dibb talks us through the process of creating the filters. “We used AR to make a big football moment EVEN BIGGER, reaching 93 million people. Here’s how it worked…Every year EA Sports’ FUT rankings shake the world of professional football. Across the globe, superstar players wait nervously for a seismic piece of computer game news: Their number. Get a FUT ranking of 90+ and you’re up there with the Messis and Ronaldos of the world. Get a 40 and… You don’t even want to contemplate getting a 40.

It’s a yearly event that gets the world of football talking. Professional players will jump online to celebrate or dispute their number. An army of football fans is waiting to engage them. It’s a quirk of the FIFA game that has become a larger than life moment. But it’s still just a moment. EA Sports asked us to come up with a simple idea to extend it, something that gave their audience a chance to take part in the ratings process and sparked a secondary conversation on social.

We devised an AR camera effect that transported the user inside their very own FIFA ratings reveal, complete with 3D FUT card and stadium. And we did it all through the magic of Instagram, where users could capture and share their experience.”

The project was a runaway success and racked up some astounding levels of engagement:

– In the first iteration we saw over 31 million impressions with over 2 million captures.

– The second iteration (for Team of The Year) saw over 62 million impressions and over 6 million captures.


Check out EA Sports Creative Director, Tom Gent’s feedback on the project here.

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