Inspiration, Curiosity and The Next Big Thing with Rama Allen

Mill Experience is our globe-spanning team of forward-thinking technologists and creatives who define the future of experience through XR, immersive spaces and innovative products, using their unique strategic design process. We caught up with Rama Allen, Executive Creative Director, on inspiration, curiosity and The Next Big Thing...
Thought May 29, 2020

Who makes up the Mill Experience team? Where are they based?

The studio is a global team with folks in all of the Mill studios; London, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Mill Experience is DIVERSE with computer scientists, writers, strategists, designers, developers, project managers, directors, hardware hackers, technical artists and a whole lot of “we don’t fit in a neat bucket we just dream & build for the future” types.

The best part about our team is the blurry boundaries bit. Our work requires blending a lot of disciplines and our group has a lot of unicorns that deep dive into bio-signals or projection or architecture while they wear their “I’m a producer on your project” hat.


What drives and inspires the Mill Experience creative team?

Curiosity and empathy. Our goal is to create a more beautiful, impactful, meaningful future by proving out next-generation experiences through our work. We take it very seriously. We make things our audience walks around in, plays with and uses. We are always audience first, provoking and pushing against assumptions to create something that brings value to their lives while meeting a communications or business challenge from our client.

To do that, you’ve got to question everything. You have to look beyond initial expectations. And you have to really give a damn.


Why should brands be considering experiences when speaking with their audiences?

Because experiential work, whether virtual or physical, is the straightest line to creating tactics with intrinsic value, audience agency, and play. It doesn’t chase the audience, it attracts them, and in a noisy world, attraction is the strongest strategy. I could go on about this for hours. There are countless studies and anecdotal evidence but, in short, Experiential work is a gift to the audience. It brings joy, provokes, and leaves an impression because they chose to participate and it involved them. That gift will leave a mark, and a mark is what brands strive for.


What’s the next big thing in Experience marketing or product design?

I’ll try to restrain myself here and keep it topline…

XR is the future of computing. Internet of Things is the future of smart spaces. Biometrics are the future of empathy. AI is the future of creation.

Combine all of them together and humans have a new 6th sense: Data. This becomes a portal of perception to a responsive, information-rich environment IRL that bends to your whims, sings you a song, speaks your language, and cares if you feel down.

If anybody wants to hear more, keep your eye out for further thoughts from me soon. I really go on about this stuff!


The new Mill Experience reel has just launched. Could you talk through some of the most memorable projects that feature on there?

You’re asking me to pick a favorite child. C’mon. But seriously, I think our work where we seamlessly bridge physical and virtual worlds and induce wonder in our audience is what rises to the top for me. I’m not going to name favorites. My team might read this. Ha!


What’s next for Mill Experience?

Probably a digital hallucination that trounces you in Backgammon while carving your name into the moon.

That and lots of experimenting, inventing, and mischief-making to ensure we keep on creating the extraordinary…


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