Mill graded short film ‘White Gold’ in the running for the 2021 Oscars

Work February 3, 2021

‘White Gold’, a 2019 short film detailing the struggles of an albino woman in Africa, is a contender for the 2021 Oscars in the ‘Live Action Short Film’ category. The drama was written and directed by Luke Bradford and graded by The Mill’s Head of Colour James Bamford.

The drama tells the story of Mansa, an African woman with albinism who has her arm hacked off by a witch doctor. Robbed of her security, career and dignity, she now seeks revenge. This important story highlights the plight of this vulnerable, outcast group and shines a light on a dark practice that still takes place in parts of Africa today.

James comments: “It was a pleasure to work with Luke on a film with such an important message, the brilliant direction and cinematography enabled me to experiment with different tones and contrasts to achieve a cinematic finish. Congratulations to all the team involved, a thoroughly deserved acknowledgment”.


Check out the trailer and find out more about ‘White Gold’ here.