Mill+ | Our latest and greatest 3D Billboard Starring Tennis Star Rafael Nadal

Work September 13, 2023
Our latest and greatest 3D billboard, “Champions Evolve” for Infosys with AKQA starring tennis star Rafael Nadal. The epic film directed by Nic Yiallouris, was created using a combination of traditional production techniques and proprietary AI facial image reconstruction. Although pictured above in Times Square, it can also be seen across the world in Piccadilly Circus amongst additional placements at JFK, LHR, and more.


Agency: AQKA
Production: Mill+
Director: Nic Yiallouris
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Wellsman
Shoot Supervisor & Creative Director: Mario Stipinovich
Senior Executive Producer: Mandy Harris
Head of Live Action Production: Emi Loefgren
Line Producer: Laura Morris
Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
VFX: The Mill
Senior VFX Producer: Catherine M. Fischer
Associate Producer: Claire Stiefel, Umesh Chand
Production Coordinator: Juli Wight
2D Lead: Julien Aucourtier
3D Lead: Lauren Shields & Emily Meger
2D Team: Phillip Massimino, Richard Aponte, Jaymin Han, Betty Cameron, Udaykiran Chowdary
3D Team: Arsen Arzumanyan, Daniel Moreno, Jeffrey Lopez, Joon Ho Bang, Ryan Harper, Nick Carvalho, Amit Patil, Pintoo Kumar, Ravikanth Raju, Harsh Chaturvedi, Kalpesh Bhikhabhai Patel, Naveen Srinivasan
Designer: Roger Hom, Amy Staropoli
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Ashley Woods