Mill Paris | 6 projects shortlisted at the 24th AEAF Awards, The Australian Effects & Animation Festival

News August 22, 2022

The Australian Effects & Animation Festival, AEAF, is a celebration of visual effects, animation, games and immersive media. Awards are given for creative and technical excellence in the use of visual effects and animation in the creation of projected works.

The Mill Paris studio excelled this year with 6 shortlists:

  • Qatar Tourism “Experience a World Beyond” | Commercials – Animation   
  • Samsung “Playtime is over” | Commercials – VFX    
  • Prada “Luna Rossa Ocean” | Commercials – VFX    
  • Kanye West “Heaven and Hell” | Music Video    
  • Kanye West “Life of the party” | Music Video        
  • Unesco “Cookie factory” | Short Film  

UNESCO ‘Cookie Factory’

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