Mill Paris | A decoration battle from 2016 for a Big Christmas with Orange

In 2016, Orange wanted to showcase its connected objects and fibre in a memorable end-of-year campaign. The film, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, depicts two neighbours competing to decorate the outside of their homes for Christmas. In a display of light and sound, a battle of the last generation ensues between the two men. Using their smartphones and connected objects, the decorations get more and more scientilised until the final match. The spirit of Big Christmas is jubilant in its over-the-top creativity.
Work December 21, 2021

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Publicis / Prodigious:
Soixante Quinze:
Matthijs Van Heijningen:
Post production
The Mill Paris:
VFX Supervisor: Laurent Creusot
VFX Producer: Christophe Huchet
Shoot: Laurent Creusot, Thomas Haas
CG Supervisor: Mickaël Girod
Animatic: Baptiste Sola
FX: Soufiane Kachade
Lighting/Rendu: Mathias Barday
Compositing: Laurent Launès, Pierre Gosset
Matte Painting: Christophe Courgeau, Guillaume Provot, Jessica Ferry
Modeling: Thomas Haas
Textures: Mickaël Girod
Tracking: Yvan Galtié, Nicolas Vessière
Animation: Augustin Paliard
Flame: Laurent Creusot