Mill Paris | A look back on our automotive projects from 2022

Renault, Peugeot or Nissan, the artists of The Mill Paris are used to car ads and take up all the challenges!
Work January 3, 2023

Renault ‘Reinvention’  

In 2020, the Renault car brand became the major partner of the French Rugby Federation and the French rugby XV team. With the arrival of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Renault is reaffirming its status as a French manufacturer and its commitment to national sports teams. In this patriotic spot directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (Partizan), Renault takes us on a journey with Raphaël Ibañez, General Manager of the French team, and players Cameron Woki, Charles Ollivon, Damian Penaud and Dylan Cretin in a historical fresco retracing French sporting inventions. Discover how our Mill Paris artists create impressive VFX in this adventure here.  

Renault ‘Horses’  

In this film, directed by François Rousselet, Renault highlights the evolution of clean transport by drawing a parallel between horse riding and its new electric vehicle. Like the oldest form of transportation, the 100% electric Mégane emits zero CO2 and does not create a noise disturbance. The daring scenario required blocking off the streets, the arrival and management of dozens of riders and their mounts on the set. To bring this retro yet modern world to life, our talents sublimated the sets by creating several elements in matte painting, from desert landscapes, to rocky mountains, to horse graffiti. Stéphane PIvron, VFX Supervisor at The Mill Paris tells you more here.  

Nissan ‘Ariya’ 

Following the first film for Nissan ‘Juke’ unveiled a few weeks ago, the 100% electric ‘Ariya’ crossover takes the spotlight. Directed by Jan Wentz, the advert highlights the vehicle’s adaptability and driveability with scenes shot in various landscapes. Our CG and compositing artists created numerous effects on the environment. Artists Damien Canameras, Guillaume Dadaglio, Vincent Coni unveils more details into the VFX behind the project here.  

Peugeot ‘E-2008’ 

The Mill collaborated with director Jan Wentz and Open agency for Peugeot’s latest campaign ‘Outwit the City’. In this spot, to highlight the driving experience of this city vehicle, along with its technological assets, our team transformed the town to include chess references. The challenge was maintaining a realistic look while allowing the public to recognize all the chess game nods: the buildings in the shape of pawns, the sculpture of a horse, the queen with a lion’s head, and the brand’s emblem, a successful visual metaphor made by our artist’s thanks to the CG work combined with the Flame.

Go further into the project and hear from Alexis Baillia, Flame Artist and Guillaume Dadaglio CG Supervisor, here

 Nissan ‘Juke’ 

The latest generation Nissan Juke hybrid crossover has arrived in dealerships and on screens with a film directed by Jan Wentz, produced by Quad and post-produced by our Parisian studio. Our team created the first science fiction scene in 3D, from the multiple skyscrapers to the futuristic vehicles and robots.

CG Supervisor Guillaume Dadaglio tells you more here.

Renault ‘Pixel’  

In 2021, Renault exhibited the new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech at the IAA Mobility show in Munich. Affirmed by Renault Group CEO Luca De Meo, the vehicle highlights Renault’s evolution towards sustainable mobility.  For its launch, Renault and its agency Publicis Conseil unveiled the film ‘Pixels’, a parallel between the vehicles of the old world and those of the new world featured by green energy.
In collaboration with director Thibaut Grevet (Division), our artists shaped the vehicle’s pixels throughout the film to create a highly graphic impression and support the brand’s message. Find out more in this article featuring Vincent Venchiarutti, VFX Supervisor and Stéphane Pivron, VFX Artist.  

Nissan ‘Qashqai E-Power’  

A few weeks ago, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan unveiled two branded films for its new Juke crossover and its Ariya hybrid vehicle. To highlight its boldness and technological advances, the brand called on our Paris studio and its artists for all its newly released ads. Mickael Girod, CG Supervisor, tells you more here.  

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