Mill Paris Amanda Seyfried and Zendaya in an ad for Lancôme Mascara “Le 8 Hypnôse”

For the launch of its new eco-designed, recyclable, skincare-infused volume mascara-serum, Lancôme invited its two muses Amanda Seyfried and Zendaya to highlight the benefits of the new formula.
Work April 26, 2022

Amanda Seyfried and Zendaya both embody the virtues and positive values that make women around the world feel powerful. The Lancôme spirit of strength and femininity is perfectly embodied by the complementarity between the two young women. In close collaboration with Publicis agency and Prodigious production, Our Parisian Studio team has crafted an elegant film that sticks to the values advocated by Lancôme from 1935.

The film alternates between scenes of the product textures and its ingredients such as the serum, the black balm, the amino acids and the look of the two young women embellished by ‘Le 8 Hypnôse’. Between Amanda’s blue eyes and Zendaya’s brown eyes, the focus is on the sculptural volume and vitality of their lashes.

Both dressed in black dresses punctuated with gold accessories, Zendaya and Amanda are powerful and charismatic women, allowing Lancôme to extend its vision of French spirit and elegance around the world.

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