Mill Paris | Aya Nakamura, Bella Hadid and more join a roster of celebrities united for Balenciaga’s fall campaign

Work October 18, 2022

After their ‘Always On’ campaign featuring Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Isabelle Huppert and many other iconic personalities, Balenciaga has once again chosen an A-List cast for its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. This time singer Aya Nakamura and models Bella Hadid, Kit Butler, Zuo Chen, Abdou Diop, Inti Wang and Lina Zhang represent the brand’s iconic pieces such as the Excavator Boot, the Knife Pump, the Cagole bag and many more.

For its global campaign, the luxury brand crafted short films with a pure graphic style, giving the impression that the shots by fashion photographer Nadia Lee Cohen are slowly coming to life.

“The Fall 2022 campaign was an opportunity for us to work again with the Balenciaga teams; teams that were very involved and with whom we had the pleasure of exchanging ideas from the beginning to the end of the project. The aesthetics were of course at the heart of the project, how to sublimate this new collection and the models who present it. Mixing film and digital images, the exercise for our teams were to start from these two different work bases and find the best rendering for each, in order to give a unique direction to the project.
Bastien Adam, Post producer

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Nadia Lee Cohen:
Post Production
The Mill Paris:
Executive Producer: Lionel Juglair
Editor: Maxime Didelot, Thomas Leroy, Antoine Zimer
VFX Producer: Bastien Adam, Samuel Kumessa
Flame: Damien Peiro, Aurélien Teurlai
After: Luc Olivier Plesse, Cyril Hiard
Colourist: Magali Leonard, Jacky Lefresne
Colourist assistant: Loïc Lavaux