Mill Paris | Carolina Herrera unveils its new fragrance Bad Boy Cobalt because “It’s so good to be bad”

Work July 5, 2022

For the release of its new fragrance Bad Boy Cobalt, Carolina Herrera called on director Charlotte Wales to highlight the power of its fragrance for unique and irreverent men who dare to embrace all facets of contemporary masculinity.

To perfectly embody the image of the modern-day bad boy, the brand chose Josh Upshaw, model, rock climber and surfer.  Alongside him, three other men join the bad boy crew, Ty Ogunkoya, Justin Eric Martin and Aiden Andrews.

The film features a parallelism between presents images featuring adult models and black and white pictures of the past with children. Bicycles have been swapped for motorbikes, T-shirts for shirts, but the rebel soul remains through time because “It’s good to be bad”.

Our artists did the finishing work on the flame, to homogenise the image and add the light piercing the sky.  They also did all the perfume packshots in 3D.

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