Mill Paris | Discover the drawings of our talented artists for Inktober and Breast Cancer Awareness!

This year, our Parisian studio rallied throughout the month of October in the fight against breast cancer. Several initiatives were put in place, including the Inktober challenge, which consists of making a drawing each day according to a theme. Congratulations and many thanks to Vincent Venchiarutti, Maxime Orsini, Benjamin Lenfant, Luc-Olivier Plesse, Franck Maillet, Jean-Yves Parent and Marouan El Bekri for all these beautiful creations that help raise awareness of breast cancer, its prevention and treatment in the creative community.
Community December 2, 2022
“Pinktober to fight against cancer...
This is a subject that particularly touches me because I lost my mum to cancer in May and being able to make a small contribution helps a lot!
Moreover, I hadn't drawn for a long time and the support and motivation of my colleagues helped me to get back into it and I don't regret it even if finding the time to do it is not always easy in our busy lives!
So it is with the support of a superb team that we are challenging ourselves to be creative once again.
Thank you very much for setting up this initiative The Mill Paris. ”
Franck Maillet, Motion designer
“This horrible disease cancer destroys lives randomly around me/us from childhood, our loved ones our friends.... But we can counter it and take back the upper hand.This is the first year I'm participating in the Inktober, I didn't really know before.
I think the challenge is great, I enjoyed finding time to get back to drawing for this cause.
It allowed me to create, to find new ideas, to show them, to confront them with the other participants, to be inspired by some of them, to discuss them with others... the immense common force of creation around a theme, and the richness of inventiveness and point of view of the individuals which results from it is enormous!
This gives me energy and motivation. And I am convinced that it is with this same strength, and power of inventiveness, techniques and research that one day we will overcome this disease together.”
Benjamin Lenfant, Lead FX artist
“A colorless month against pain.
A pink month to support our loved ones.
Next October, same time, join us,
Choose Pink or Black to act.”
Luc-Olivier Plesse, Motion designer
“I am glad to participate in the challenge, I do it every year because I am sensitive to the cause of breast cancer. It is important as an artist to mobilise to raise awareness of this disease. In addition, we raised more than 1700 euros for an association, I think we can be proud of ourselves.”
Maxime Orsini, Motion designer