Mill Paris | CG inmates break out of prison in Ye’s “Hurricane” video

After "Heaven and Hell", our Parisian studio signs a second collaboration with Ye (Kanye West) for the Hurricane video.
Work March 9, 2022

Ye is an internationally renowned rapper whose influence no longer surprises anyone. On 29 August 2021, he announced the release of his tenth album “Donda”, a tribute to his mother who died in 2007. In his track “Hurricane”, featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby, the rapper talks about his private life, his past and his fears. For this worldwide release, Ye wanted to translate the strength of his work marked by religion while highlighting his brand’s clothing.

Facing the five columns of the ADX Florence prison building, a horde of black silhouettes take shape. As they approach, the shapes become more pronounced, revealing human silhouettes, dressed entirely in black, with their faces hidden behind an opaque mask. Although intimidating, these creatures are angels called “Donda” by the artist.

There is calm, but it is short-lived. A flash of lightning pierces the sky and, in a vast movement of people, invites the Dondas to follow its divine light. The angels begin their ascent to the heavens, freed from all earthly suffering.

In this title, Ye talks about his journey and the illusion of happiness that he has maintained. In his eyes, God has never abandoned him, and has instead accompanied him to be reborn in faith. The graphic universe of the clip is refined according to Ye’s wish to illustrate all the symbolism of the title while remaining close to the young generation. Treated as a modern work of art, the clip was born from the fruitful collaboration between the Division production, the director Arnaud Bresson and the producer Laure Salgon. It was made in full unreal including motion capture and SFX. A conscious choice allowing for greater creative freedom that won over the artist. With this artistic choice, our team left its comfort zone, deliberately creating raw and cleans images. In addition to this technical challenge, the teams faced an additional obstacle : managing the evolution of the creative idea in real time.

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Post production
The Mill Paris:
Executive producer: Fabrice Damolini
Vfx Producer: Benjamin Cathala
Vfx Supervisor: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang
Unreal Artist: Alexandre Sauthier, Guillaume Poueymarie, Joellia Rose, Guillaume Parra, Pierre Carcedo, Kevin Ea
Modeling/Texturing: Alexandre Corcoy
Animation: Kevin Poveda
Rigging: Claire Auvin
Lighting/Compo: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang, Marouan El Bekri, Mathias Barday,
Compositing: Eric Lemains, Jean-Luc Perrin
Flame Artist: Damien Canameras, Stéphane Pivron, franck Lambertz, Sebastien Kremer, Yann Masson, Damien Peiro, Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Valentin Gingembre
Vfx Coordinator: Ewan Rosenstrauch
3D Scan: Scan Engine
3D Scan Model: Anil Padia
Editing: Maxime Caro, mickael Bandela, Simon Colin, Nicolas Larrouquere
Color grading: Arthur Paux
Grading Assistant: Loic Lavaux
Art Director: Charlotte Louis
Storyboard Artist: Stéphane Levallois
Director: Arnaud Bresson
Production: Division
Producer: Laure Salgon
Production coordinator: Perrine Mercier
Production assistant: Alice K Wills
Thank you: Jules de Chateleux,Theo Gall