Mill Paris | ‘It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful’: A new colourful campaign for Glenmorangie

Work November 21, 2022

Glenmorangie, the Scotch Whisky brand, opens the doors to its enchanted and colourful world in its campaign ‘It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful’ directed by British director Miles Aldridge. The 60-second film is made up of six individual vignettes, each with its own story and a colour scheme characteristic of the brand. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride with friends, a visit to the hairdresser or a fortune teller, each of the new scenes presents a moment of pleasure and invites the viewer to experience it through the eyes of Glenmorangie.

Our artists worked for a month and a half on these films in close collaboration with the DDB agency and Loveboat production, creating a multitude of effects and formats. The effects are very diverse, with a hot air balloon redone in 3D, the addition of smoke behind the actress, the animation of the gilding on the edge of the glass, the inscription in the crystal ball, the reflection of the young man in the mirror at the hairdresser’s, not forgetting the work on the transitions and the cleanliness of all the environments. Finally, all the films passed through the hands of Mill colourist Philip Louis Hambi who made sure to transcribe the brand identity with colour.

“As visual artists, it's a real pleasure when a project as creative and visually accomplished as Glenmorangie comes along. For our teams, such a clear artistic direction allows us to work serenely on visual effects that are fun to implement, such as animating a pinball machine that goes wild, creating and animating coloured skies, adding a misty atmosphere or even magical effects in the sequence of the seer.
This project was also an opportunity to rethink our work and production organisation in order to meet a significant versioning demand, as each element put together led to 5,000 combinations of potential deliverables.
Everything went very well, both with the artists, The Mill Paris, and with the agency DDB, the director Miles Albridge and his production LoveBoat.”
Julien Pinot, VFX Supervisor

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