Mill Paris | Julia Roberts celebrates 10 years of the iconic fragrance “La vie est belle” by Lancôme

Work September 23, 2022

For the 10th anniversary of its iconic perfume ‘La vie est belle’, Lancôme is reinventing its best seller with a refillable and recyclable bottle. Once again, Lancome has chosen Julia Roberts to embody the identity of the happiness fragrance. Dressed in a sparkling dress, the actress sets out to discover the hustle and bustle of Parisian nightlife in a sea of light.

After several collaborations with Lancôme, including its debut film with Julia Roberts released in 2016, The Mill Paris once again captures the essence of the fragrance in images. Our artists have created a realistic rendering while adding a touch of enchantment and romance, notably through the use of a very marked chromatic range and the replacement of different skies. Between early morning twilight and enchanted night, our VFX team found the perfect mix between realism and visual effects to convey the magic of the Lancôme universe.

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Post production
The Mill Paris:
Executive producer: Claire Garraud
VFX producer: Nicolas Huguet, Kahina Lamblin
VFX supervisor: Stephane Pivron, Nathan Lucas
Flame model: Stephane Pivron, Alexis Baillia, Sebastien Aubert, Damien Canameras, Aurelien Teurlai
Flame finishing: Damein Peiro
Matte painting: Fabien Barrau
CG Generalist: Vincent Coni
Compositing: Eric Lemains
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquere, Maxime Didelot
Editor Assistant: Naomie Dumas, Pauline Royo, Maïté Tamain
Colourist: Arthur Paux
Colourist assistant:
Publicis Luxe: