Mill Paris | Our 2022 collaborations with Louis Vuitton and a lineup of prestigious directors

This year, Louis Vuitton teamed up with prestigious directors Damien Chazelle, Helmi and Gary Freedman and The Mill Paris studio to create a collection wonderful campaigns. From Bradley Cooper to the brand's iconic characters, our artists added the VFX touch to these beautiful La Pac productions. 
Work December 29, 2022


Unveiled to the public for the first time in 2002, the Tambour watch by Louis Vuitton has quickly become a luxury watchmaking essential. For the 20th anniversary of the iconic jewel, the brand teamed up with actor Bradley Cooper to unveil the ‘Tambour Twenty’, a limited edition of 200 pieces adorned with the brand’s letters. Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle created a film that combines the elegance and simplicity that characterizes the great Vuitton house. Between allegories of freedom, poetic images and the beauty work of our Parisian artists, we are carried away on a journey beyond time. Read more here. 


In this film directed by Helmi, Louis Vuitton introduces its new silk square collection 2022, printed with the iconic monogram motif and other distinctive, colourful and bright designs inspired by the House’s heritage. To create the film’s dynamic feel and to emphasize the multi-use aspect of the silk squares, our artists recreated camera movements to create smooth transitions and give the impression of continuous camera movement. Compositing work was used to assemble the different shots of the models filmed in Steadicam. Clarisse Cornély, VFX Producer of the project offers more insights into the project here. 


The idea was to create a Christmas fairy tale, a charming and positive story in which emotions and sense of detail highlights Louis Vuitton’s creations. A world that is both intimate and spectacular, a whimsical and sophisticated journey. The characters of Vivienne and Teddy were fully modeled and animated by our artists. Discover more insight from Vincent Coni, CG Supervisor and Alain Boutillier, VFX Supervisor here.  

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