Our CG gorilla is king tonight!

Work January 25, 2023

This year, The Mill Paris called on its photo-realism experts to make three films that feature a friendly green gorilla. In close collaboration with director Matthijs Van Heijningen, agency Vidiboko and Production Company Bonkers, our Parisian artists brought Toto the gorilla to life through the power of VFX.

From head to toe, every hair on our gorilla friend’s head is the result of a lot of thought from our VFX team. Toto had to look like a real gorilla without scaring the audience, our artists understood this and created a phoneme bank with several posing/acting faces to reproduce the right movements. Once animated, this gorilla was dressed by our fur and FX artists.


If you want to learn more about the two previous films that feature Toto. Marouan El Bekri, CG Supervisor delves into the projects here and here.

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Matthijs van Heijningen:
VFX studio
Post production Lead: The Mill Paris
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer: Nicolas Huguet, Kahina Lamblin
VFX Coodinators: Ewan Rosenstrauch, Mathilde Cohen Selmon, Ghalia Chammat
VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Ho Tsong Fang
CG Supervisor: Marouan El Bekri
Shoot Supervisor: Patrick Bennar
Modeling & Environment: Arnaud Prat, Vincent Coni, Stephen Martingoulet
Hair & Surfacing: Marion Respaud
Rigging: Marine Sisnaki, Lucie Taglienti
Animation Lead: Alban Lelièvre
Animation: Valerian Lesprillier, Ludovic Martin, Augustin Paliard, Herve Anceau, Marie Moyer, Ganaël Chevalier
FX: Karim Lachaize, Dimitri Durand
CG generalist: Richard Rampaly, Remy Meilliat, Vincent Coni, Marouan El Bekri, Leon Rousseau
Lighting: Yohan Grau
Compositing Lead: Sébastien Podsiadlo
Compositing: Jeremy Gravinay, Luc Martias, Margaux Chambas, Eric Lemains
Flame: Sébastien Kremer, Flore Mounier, Valentin Gingembre
Colourist: Philip Hambi
Colourist Assistant: Loïc Lavaux
Planning: Annabel Akerboom, Sophie maillot, Magalie Luthringer, Orlane Lusbec, Isabelle Renaud
Assistants montage: Antoine Zimmer, Chloe Charrier, Fabien Beraudo, Felix Flechet, Julie Rigaud, Justine Chambert, Maite Tamain
Post production support: The Mill Bangalore
Production Manager: Zahid Khan
Production Coordinator: Mohit Bhomia, Shubham Gajare
Prep Supervisor: Silambarasan R P
Prep Artists: Ramandeep Singh, Ramesh Basanna Vhataghonde, Yasasvini Vagampalli, Aakansha Yadav, Bairi Rakesh, Poornima Rao, Pankaj Harish Ukey, Sangeetha M, Sreeji Mol C.P., Bijeesh K U, Jaswan Vishnu Prasath Balla Mohan Rao
Matchmove Supervisor: Murali Krishna Reddy
Matchmove Lead: Smijumon Viswanathan, Elangovan Ganeshan
Matchmove Artist: Paras Pareshkumar Shah, Avaneetharan Karuppasamy, Pratik Vilas Pawar, Suman Sahu, Lokesh M
Roto Supervisor: Sivakumar R
Roto Lead: Rohit Charde, Yogesh Ahire, Mahendranatha Reddy, Moumita Pratihar
Roto Artist: Karan Sharma, Akhil Mohan, Rahul Mane, Rupan Thirumal, Anita Khandare, Joslin Job Mathew, Shivani Kumari, Mayur Chandrakant Kothawade, Nithish Nandaa T, Pankaj Powar, Raghvendra Singh, Sandeep Mishra