Mill Paris | Renault Pixels, the road to electric driving

Work May 18, 2022

In 2021, Renault exhibited the new 100% electric Mégane E-Tech at the IAA Mobility show in Munich. Affirmed by Renault Group CEO Luca De Meo, the vehicle highlights Renault’s evolution towards sustainable mobility.  For its launch, Renault and its agency Publicis Conseil unveiled the film ‘Pixels’, a parallel between the vehicles of the old world and those of the new world featured by green energy. The film shows that the electric Mégane offers a pleasant driving experience while reducing its carbon footprint and noise emissions.

The film begins with the roar of a red pixelated GTI car, which leaves the residents surprised as it passes by. Everyone seems to be disturbed by the noise, from the little boy who plugs his ears to the woman who closes the windows of her living room to find peace and quiet. At a traffic light, the red pixelated car meets the new Mégane E-tech. As the car passes through the green light, the red car’s pixels dissolve while the Mégane continues on its way in silence. The message is clear: there is no need to make noise to achieve speed performance, driving comfort and thrills. The message is reinforced by the Pachanga Boys’ “Power” music re-orchestrated by Start-Rec.

In collaboration with director Thibaut Grevet (Division), our artists shaped the vehicle’s pixels throughout the film to create a highly graphic impression and support the brand’s message.

“The challenge on this project was to represent the pixels in a realistic environment. We had to find the right visual intention to make the message work, which required a major look development effort. Once this first step was completed we worked on set extensions, restor, color grading, image rendering. As VFX supervisor I managed a multi-disciplinary team: motion design, environment, CG, compositing. At the same time, I met the technical and artistic expectations of the director, the agency's creative team and the production. Teamwork is not just a word, working with the different artists of The Mill is always a pleasure! Each one brings his or her own know-how, talent and expertise and together we create the film step by step, shot by shot. It's exciting!
Vincent Venchiarutti, VFX Supervisor
“A director full of ideas, a very dense shoot in Buenos Aires and its surroundings, a lot of shots to shoot. I took part in the shooting but also in the post-production in The Mill Paris studio, it was a pleasure! Very good memories of shooting with a great team!”
Stéphane Pivron, VFX Artist

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Post production
The Mill Paris:
Executive Producer: Claire Garraud
VFX Producer: Seb Noyon
VFX Supervisor: Vincent Venchiarutti
CG Supervisor: Guillaume Parra, Guillaume Dadaglio
Shoot: Stéphane Pivron
Color grading: Arthur Paux, Loic Lavaux
Track: Stephane Richez, Yvan Galtie
Matte painting: Keller Stéphane
Generalist: Anthony Tran, Guillaume Dadaglio, Guillaume Poueymarie, Alexandre Turk
Motion design: Vincent Venchiarutti, Maxime Cordier, Agathe Sayegh, Olivier Jarry, Julien Pinot, David Sapyyapy, Jean Martin Mossu, Alex Tarquini, Tanguy Puech
Producer: Hélène Daubert
Publicis Conseil:
Chief creative director: Marco Venturelli
Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Art Director: Thomas Roques
Creative Producer: Caroline Petruccelli
Tv prod: Nelly Cohen
Thibault Grevet: