Mill Paris | Retrospective of our collaborations with Paco Rabanne

For several years, The Mill Paris has been collaborating with the prestigious Puig Group and its brands. From beauty, to photorealistic animals, to dancing robots, our artists have worked on some beautiful Paco Rabanne campaigns. Featuring Elle Fanning, NBA star Jalen Green... Discover more of our collaboration with Paco Rabanne below.
Work December 2, 2022

Invictus Platinium’  

To mark the launch of Invictus Platinum, “a radical and elegant cocktail”, Paco Rabanne unveils the new face of Invictus, NBA star Jalen Green, in a film directed by Tino (Airton Carmignani) and produced by LoveBoat. Our artists have created impressive effects with full CG photorealistic horses or a tyrex! Discover more insight from VFX Supervisor Franck Lambertz and CG Supervisor Mickael Girod here.  


Fame is avant-garde, feminine and irresistibly Parisian. To embody the very essence of modern femininity, combining simplicity and elegance, the Paco Rabanne brand has chosen actress Elle Fanning. For this beauty film, the challenge was to give a soul and an identity to the Fame robot without over-animating its members or giving it an expression. Find more information in the full article here.  


The Mill collaborated with director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and Partizan to make this launch a party, where everyone is invited, even those coming from other planets. The global above-the-line for the Phantom launch includes a 30-second film that takes viewers to an extraordinary world, looking like a Palm Springs yet techno-futuristic setting, with most incredible creatures. Read more about the campaign here.

‘Enter The Legend’

Featuring layed by Nick Youngquest and Luma Grothe, the undefeated hero and the super goddess are about to become legends as they battle it out alone in the epic film “The Race” directed by François Rousselet. Shot in the Namibian desert, the film features a race of roaring machines “MadMax style” chasing the hero on a horned motorbike soon joined by his Amazon goddess to be victorious together. A film between epic adventure and science fiction with ultra-realistic effects 

‘Million Nation’

In this 2019 ad, Levi Dylan and Simona Kust dance and snap their fingers to Rapper’Delight music, surrounded by Joey Bada$$, Dree Hemingway, Alton Mason and Londone Myers (Lady Million Empire). Directed by Paul Gore, the film uses the same codes as One Million, graphic black and white and symbols of luxury and wealth, diamonds, gold bars, jewellery.

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