Mill Paris | The new apple by Nina Ricci breaks the rules with sustainable ingredients and a joyfully playful spirit

Work September 16, 2022

The iconic apple-shaped bottle designed in 1952 by Robert Ricci and Marc Lalique is reinvented with the new floral fragrance Nina Fleur.  In a bottle adorned with flowers inspired by the brand’s ready-to-wear collection, Nina Ricci unveils a brand new vegan, naturally sourced and more eco-responsible formula embodied by Portuguese model Raquel Brito. Since the creation of the first bottle, Nina Ricci wanted to give reality the colours of a dream. A gamble that paid off, as the mythical apple-shaped case is still in the spotlight today.

For this worldwide campaign, our artists transposed the freshness and femininity that emanate from the perfume into images.; feminine and poetic films that transport us to an enchanted world where nature takes over.

For this global campaign, our studio partnered with Psycho production and directors Agostina Galvez for the TV films and Les Particules for the digital films. The Mill Bangalore studio took care of the rotoscoping and supported our Paris studio in the creation of the perfume packshots.

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Director TVC
Agostina Galvez:
Post production TVC
The Mill Paris:
Editor: Pietro Di Zann
Executive producer: Cécile Hubin
Post producer: Clarisse Cornély
VFX Supervisor: Julien Pinot (shoot), Franck Lambertz
Concept: Nathan Lucas
3D Generalist: Mickaël Girod
Flame: Franck Lambertz, Alexis Baillia, Damien Canameras, Aurélien Teurlai, Yann Masson
After: Agathe Sayegh, Franck Maillet
Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret
Colourist Assistant: Loïc Lavaux
Planning: Annabel Akerboom
Director Digital
Les particules:
Post production Digital
The Mill Paris:
Editor: Aurélien Merlhès
Executive Producer: Cécile Hubin
Post producer: Clarisse Cornély
VFX Supervisor: Julien Pinot
3D Generalists: Mickaël Girod
Nuke: Eric Lemains, Randy Gudin
Flame: Sébastien Kremer
After: Alexandre Tarquini, Vincent Venchiarutti, Michael Moercant, Agathe Sayegh, Jean-Martin Mossu, Jérémy Wulff
Colourist: Nicolas Guibert
Colourist Assistant: Loïc Lavaux
Planning: Annabel Akerboom, Sophie Mailho, Isabelle Renaud