Mill Shanghai | Celebrating Lunar New Year with Pac-Man

Work February 9, 2022

Ahh Pac-man, the inimitable and iconic arcade character born in 1980 in Japan and inspired by a pizza with a slice missing. Well, fast-forward 41 years and he’s making a comeback by way of OnePlus. 

To launch the Pac-Man edition for their popular Nord range we teamed with OnePlus to create a new full CG film. We see our greedy, ghost-fearing, yellow ball of fury being chased through a cyber punk inspired world which slowly transforms from a full 3D environment to the flat 2D style we all remember (well those of a certain age). 

The film was directed by our inhouse director Nikola Stefanović and led by our lead motion designer Neo Chu. We worked directly with OnePlus to help flesh out the initial idea and developed the look and feel from concept through to final film. 

We were excited to infuse the film with 80s references such as the arcade machines, geometric setting sun, the pink infused cyber punk surrounds and even the retro music.

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