Mill 2D Supervisor Prajeesh E on what his role entails & what project has defined his career

Community July 8, 2021

Tell us about your role at The Mill?

I joined The Mill as a senior prep artist and was the first employee in that department. Over the years, I have progressed into a supervisor role for the 2D generalist team. We manage a lot of the clean-up requests, be it marker removals, wires, rigs or complex road clean-ups.

If you had to choose a project that defines your career, what would it be and why?

Hyundai ‘On To Better’ was one of the most challenging projects we have worked on so far in the Bangalore generalist team. There were many long shots and we completed the road clean-up on a tight deadline due to great teamwork. Working with VFX supervisor Stefan Susemihl was also a lot of fun.

Are there any other recent projects that you have enjoyed working on?

The most recent project we did was Aviva’s ‘It Takes Aviva’, we had to make the lead actress look twenty years younger. It was one of my first projects as a supervisor and it was highly challenging for us as beauty work requires a thorough understanding of a lot of things such as skin texture, lighting and getting rid of wrinkles. Overall, it was a great learning experience for us to de-age a person and make it photoreal using 2D techniques. This kind of work inspires me to push further and take on more creatively challenging projects in the future.

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Prajeesh E | Supervisor