Mill Talk | Episode 2 | Future of: Race in the Advertising Industry

Podcast August 19, 2020

Mill Talk is a new podcast exploring trends, big ideas and creative works that relate to advertising, production and the digital arts. Drawing on insights from leading names across a variety of industries and disciplines, Mill Talk is for artists, directors, innovators, technologists, and thinkers who bring extraordinary ideas to life. Mill Talk is curated by The Mill and produced by NYC-based Audio Post-Production Company Sound Lounge. We created Mill Talk as a platform for everybody in the industry to get talking about the things that matter.

Tune into Episode 2 of Mill Talk ‘Future of: Race in the Advertising Industry’, where host Becca speaks to Dee Allen, Group Colour Director at The Mill, Monica Tyson, Post Producer at Jane Smith Agency and Keni Thacker, Founder of 100 Roses from Concrete. This episode explores ways in which advertising has perpetuated racism and prejudice and the role the industry plays in ending these injustices as we move forward. We also look at brand reactions to the latest demonstration of the Black Lives Matter movement and how companies must continue the work to establish change even after #BLM is done trending.

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