Mill Talk | Series 2 ‘Makers for Creative Good’ | Now Live!

Podcast February 17, 2021

Drawing on insights from leading names across a variety of industries and disciplines, Mill Talk is for artists, directors, innovators, technologists, and thinkers who bring extraordinary ideas to life.  Mill Talk is curated by global production partner The Mill, hosted by Becca Falborn and produced by Lime Studios, NYC.

In this series ‘Makers for Creative Good’, we’ll be examining different ways our industry can take action and use our creativity and voices for social and equitable good. We’ll be speaking to representatives from varying trades to touch on topics from representation in media to the importance creativity for good has on our community issues.

Becca Falborn is the Executive Producer of Lime Studios, NYC. She is the point person for the East Coast-based clientele, developing and growing the already established West Coast studios. An active member of the advertising community, Becca is also on the AICP Award Show Committee, a featured mentor for Cutter Connections, Head of Growth & Partnerships for SPARKED Connections and host to her passion project of a podcast: You’rExcused. Throughout her career she’s worked with brands such as Bud Light, Mattel, Mercedes, McDonald’s, Reese’s, Playstation, TDAmeritrade, Delta, and Pringles to name a few.

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