Hear that? It’s a round-up of Mill Talk Series 3!

Podcast December 1, 2021

In Mill Talk Series 3, we met the makers at The Mill pioneering new technologies that are revolutionizing brand marketing in the virtual and physical worlds.

Drawing on insights from leading names across a variety of industries and disciplines, Mill Talk is for artists, directors, innovators, technologists, and thinkers who bring extraordinary ideas to life.  Mill Talk is curated by global production partner The Mill, hosted by Becca Falborn and produced by Lime Studios, NYC.

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You can check out the details for each episode via the links below.

Episode 1 | Meet The Makers | Sally Reynolds on Designing for Alternate Realities

On our first Meet the Makers episode, Mill Talk host Becca Falborn is joined by Mill Associate Creative Director, Sally Reynolds. During this discussion they’ll delve into effective virtual design principles, the embodiment of avatars and the social responsibilities of these alternate realities.

Episode 2 | Meet The Makers | Alex Wills on the Future of Experiences

In this episode, we sit down with Alex Wills, The Mill’s Global Chief Experience Officer. Alex will share his thoughts on the evolution of experiences and what changes are in store in this space.

Episode 3 | Meet The Makers |  Jeffrey Dates on Changing Production in Real-Time

In this episode, we’re joined by Jeffrey Dates, Creative Director at The Mill to talk about the power of virtual production technology from efficiencies to its ability to visualize creative thought.

Episode 4 | Meet The Makers | Indraneel Guha on India’s Creative Culture

For this episode we’re joined by Indraneel Guha, former Head of Studio at The Mill Bangalore who has recently been promoted to Executive Producer, Advertising at Technicolor. From Indraneel, we’ll gain insight into India’s robust creative culture and position in the visual effects industry.

Episode 5 | Meet The Makers | Anna Fogg and Min-Wei Lee on The Strategy Behind Experiential Marketing

Our final Meet the Makers episode features Mill Strategy Director, Anna Fogg, and Associate Strategist Min-Wei Lee. During our discussion with Anna and Min-Wei, we’ll examine immersive experiences from a strategic point of view, ways to build authentic bonds between brands and consumers and effective creative tech usage approaches in experiential marketing.

Stay tuned for more Mill Talk episodes, coming soon! Interested in taking part? You can get in touch with us via milltalk@themill.com.

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