Mill+ unboxes the newest and smallest Volvo SUV

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan has some huge news: the new (small) EX30 SUV.
Work June 7, 2023

Question: What’s both BIG and small at the same time but still packs a mighty punch?

Answer: Mill+’s new multi-channel, global campaign for Volvo’s newest, smallest & mightiest SUV yet, the fantastic EX30.

Working with AKQA for the big launch of Volvo’s smallest car to date, our Mill+ team traveled to Sweden producing a six-day shoot starring Volvo’s own CEO, Jim Rowan. The film is an incredible send-up of the classic ‘unboxing’ video we know and love. Only this time, Jim and the car appear in three magical sizes, mini, regular and giant-sized—all a play on the talents of the car’s clever power of being small yet mighty.

This ‘unboxing’ film follows on from the recently released ‘teaser’ which kicked off a massive suite of Mill+ produced content, created fully in house, from live action, VFX, Design and Colour.

Stay tuned for more incredible content from the campaign to drop soon…



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