Muse by Clio | Bud Light Pays Tribute to Cardboard Fans in Epic 2-Minute Film

The Mill's NY VFX team worked together with Wieden + Kennedy NY and director David Shane on this epic story of one fan’s quest for his favorite beer
Press October 21, 2020

The central performance in Bud Light’s latest commercial really captures the cultural zeitgeist, though the acting’s a bit … stiff.

One of those ubiquitous cardboard cutout fans we see around stadiums in Covid times springs to life and goes on an epic two-minute quest—for Bud Light, of course—in a fun spot from Wieden + Kennedy New York and O Positive director David Shane.

Dude’s a 5-foot-something photograph on one side—and nothing but white cardboard on the reverse. Awesome! He clomps all around town, but only his legs and feet move. Yes!

Sure, he gets swept aside by the windshield wipers of a bus and tossed in the trash. But when you root for the New York Giants, suffering goes with the territory. (Wait until next year, bud!)

The approach works especially well because he’s never too lifelike. Had the figure morphed into a flesh-and-blood human, well, the ad wouldn’t be half as rad. (And we love how those skinny legs chug as he pounds the pavement. Heh!)

As for meeting, well, himself essentially, in the end—that’s a winning play in our book.

“Cardboard Fan” breaks wide on national TV during Sunday’s NFL coverage.


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