Muse by Clio | Hennessy and Droga5 Salute Maurice Ashley, the First Black Chess Grandmaster, in Striking Ad

The Mill's NY VFX team worked closely with Droga5 and director Daniel Wolfe to bring the spot to life
Press September 15, 2020

Sweaty moves. Trash talk. Strategy and sacrifice on dynamic display in a Brooklyn park, with locals stomping and shouting with each the lightning-fast reversal of fortune.

The street games in Droga5’s stirring new film for Hennessy contain all that more. But this isn’t basketball. It’s chess, played with startling speed and intensity, in a two-minute film chronicling the rise of Maurice Ashley, crowned the game’s first Black grandmaster 21 years ago.

Quick cuts, spot-on visuals that recreate steamy, gritty NYC circa 1993, and a dazzling mix of classical tracks and jazzy hip-hop drive the narrative.

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