Muse By Clio | Meta Salutes East African Cycling Team Touched by Hope and Tragedy

Memorializing Amani's recently fallen leader
Press September 1, 2022

Last Saturday, Kenyan cyclist Sule Kangangi died after a crash at The Overland gravel race in Vermont. Kangangi, 33, served as the captain of Team Amani, a cycling squad dedicated to promoting inclusivity and opportunities for East Africans.

“Amani” means “peace” in Swahili, and Kangangi’s spirit shines on through his team and a short film from Droga5, which launched a few days ahead of Sule’s tragic death.

Directed by Aus Taylor and Marleaux Desiré (aka, Illimiteworld) through production company Love Song, the clip combines music-video and mini-doc styles to show how Meta products and the metaverse help the team train, connect and overcome barriers.

More pointedly, the video—which now closes with an end-card memorializing Sule—captures the passion Kangangi instilled in his dozen charges and conveys the hope cycling brings to the lives of underserved people striving for dignity, identity and a better place in the world.


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