Muse by Clio | Spotify Has the Ultimate Captive Audience in Pitch to Advertisers

Bubbling up with FCB and Amber Grace Johnson
Press September 29, 2021

Spotify floats its advertising proposition past brands in “All Ears on You,” a bubbly campaign from FCB New York and director Amber Grace Johnson.

We watch Spotify listeners rise waaay above the chaotic daily grind. Sailing through the sky inside giant bubbles, they groove to playlists and immerse themselves in podcasts.

“Advertisers are struggling to break through to reach consumers who are constantly bombarded with messages and more distracted than ever before,” says Spotify head of advertising business marketing Khurrum Malik. ” ‘All Ears on You’ highlights how Spotify is able to cut through the clutter better than any other advertising platform thanks to an immersed and engaged audience deep in the listening experience.”

So, the target audience rides in a pleasant bubble of sound, presumably relaxed, refreshed and highly receptive to brand messages.

Joy Crookes’ soulful (and suitably uplifting) “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” helps drive the commercial, which was shot in Mexico City and smoothly syncs live action and effect.

“This film is a window into the life of someone truly present—a young woman who defies the gravity of today’s experience by way of music,” Johnson says in Spotify blog post. “Our main character is able to rise above the ambush of the digital zeitgeist, an at-times suffocating frenzy.”

With VFX and Colour by The Mill.

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