Going extraterrestrial with Netflix for their latest campaign

Work July 23, 2021

We teamed up with Netflix and director Robert Stromberg to bring their 2021 global brand campaign to life, showing that great stories can come from anywhere and be loved everywhere.

The 60-second film follows the story of an alien spaceship observing earth and primed for attack. That is, until they discover the world’s stories on Netflix and begin to see humanity differently.

The fully CGI TVC, playing across 13 countries, introduces a new host of original animated characters developed by The Mill in close collaboration with Netflix and Stromberg.

From fully animated environments to meticulous character design and effects, The Mill’s VFX lead collaborated with Netflix’s own VFX specialists to craft the spot. VFX Supervisor Yarin Manes comments, “We invested a lot of time in character expressions, as we don’t hear the aliens speak. There was also the delicate balance of trying to make the creatures somewhat scary, but cute in the same breath. We focused on the aliens’ eyes, eyebrows and overall expressions to tell the story in-lieu of dialogue.”

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