Next Gen Talent | Katie Dymmock discusses joining The Mill & what brought here into the world of Colour

Work February 20, 2023

What inspired you to go into the world of colour? 

I got into the world of colour through my fascination with photo editing. While studying Visual Effects at University I discovered colour grading was its own craft, and I have been absorbed in the world of grading ever since. To have such an impact on storytelling through colour is, for me, the greatest job in the world.


What are you most excited about joining The Mill?

I’m hugely pleased to be joining The Mill. The standard of work here is outstanding.

Inside and outside of the colour department, there are so many talented artists to inspire me and collaborate with. Phil and Pete are both amazing colourists, and I can’t wait to pick their brains. The colour team here have been so genuine and welcoming, and I’m excited to be a part of this new chapter.


Talk us through your favourite piece of grade work and why?  

My favourite piece of grade work so far is the spot for Oscar De La Renta starring Cara Delavigne. It’s a great example of grade and VFX working together to create something brilliant. The grade came from a mix of stills references for the clothes, and a lot of imagination! The grade was adapted several times as the refinements of the VFX backgrounds were decided, to make sure it all integrated.

Describe your creative process

My creative process usually starts without me! Grading is such a collaborative art, it’s so important to listen and understand your client’s vision. My first step would be to discuss with them how the job came to be, and any influences or references they might have in mind. Sometimes the image comes to life in your mind as soon as you see it, other times it might need pushing outside the obvious.

What has been inspiring you?

I really appreciate traditional medium art forms (although I have no skill in them myself!), particularly painting. Grading could be described as painting with colour on a digital canvas. You can build it up, use different techniques, different tools, big strokes or small refinements, play with dark and light etc. Also, as cheesy as this may sound, sunsets inspire me all the time. No two ever really seem the same, and you cannot beat the natural smorgasbord of colours created by a sunset.


Check out more of Katie’s work and get in touch with her here.