Next Gen Talent | Kenya Agunloye on how she wants to shape the next generation of Colour at The Mill

Kenya Agunloye brings experience from working in broadcast, film and digital media. After years of working as an agency producer; becoming adept in bidding, budgeting, managing shoot schedules and pre and postproduction teams, she’s brought her talents to The Mill, where she’s joined as a colour producer. Welcome Kenya!
Community February 7, 2023

Talk to us about your role within The Mill.

I am a Colour Producer.  As a Colour Producer, I work with the Post Production teams to ensure the creation of high quality, stylistically consistent imagery. I work alongside Colourists, who are responsible for designing the color scheme of a film with the goal of achieving a specific mood or visual style. As a Producer, I’m responsible for managing various projects and ensuring all projects are delivered are in line with the clients creative vision, budget and timeline.

What type of projects get you excited and spark your interest?

The projects that typically excite and spark my interests are comedy/satire, a work that highlights a societal issue and/or any creative work that amplifies the experiences of the misrepresented or underrepresented.

What projects are you most proud to have worked on and why?

I’m still pretty new to The Mill so I don’t exactly have a project I’m most proud of yet, however, a campaign I produced for Reform Alliance was a project I’m pretty proud of. The film campaign  #WhenItsAllOver and the accompanying social campaign, #AnswerTheirCall centred persons who were incarcerated during the pandemic, and shared their desires for the simple things, that we all look forward to getting back to normal.

The film highlighted the harsh reality that those who were incarcerated had increased risk/exposure to COVID-19. The campaign resulted in powerful storytelling that brought awareness COVID-19 threatening to turn a prison sentence into a death sentence for many who were imprisoned.

How do you want to help shape the next generation of Colour at The Mill and beyond?

There are so many important aspects that contribute to the overall success of a film, spot or any piece of content. I personally don’t think Colourists get enough credit for their contributions to the filmmaking process. The colour, tone and mood of a film is an aspect of storytelling that drastically influences the viewer’s emotional connection to the story. As a Colour Producer, I hope to be able to support and amplify the talents of Colourists, in hopes that this craft will be better recognized in the industry.

What TV show you currently binging?

I’m begrudgingly giving P Valley a try.

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