Next Generation Trading Cards | Compositor Jeeeun Lee

Introducing The Mill's Next Generation Football trading cards! These digital collectible items highlight some of our rising talent from production to VFX, helping craft our Super Bowl campaigns. Discover the next generation at The Mill.
Community February 10, 2023

Talk to us about your role within The Mill.

I am a VFX Compositor who is responsible for integrating and combining diverse elements to bring realistic final scenes in post production. I’m very proud to say that Compositors are amazing collaborators and problem solvers who develop whole production quality.

How do you want to help shape the next generation of 2D at The Mill and beyond?

I have been here for three and a half years and still have so much to learn still! I’ve received the best support from my mentors and try to keep that legacy by supporting our shining rookies and not let them lose their motivation.

Anyone who is enthusiastic in this industry will develop an amazing skillset through a certain amount of time and experience. The best thing about working at The Mill is that we have amazing mentorship sessions where we can learn so much technically and personally from amazing seniors at The Mill. But something we all go through is burnout. I’ve had such a great bosses and mentors who constantly give me inspiration and stimulation where I could always get back on track and motivated.

Learning and teaching is a great way to keep this legacy too. I was really honored to get invites from several organizations, colleges/universities and events to share my story and insights. It has been real motivation for myself to learn how to become successful with presenting my thoughts and to seek proper solutions for each different issues our aspiring compositors are experiencing.

Everyone is amazing already and 2D has a great vibe!

You have been apart of eight Super Bowl spots in the past several years. Are there any Super Bowl projects that are particularly special to you? 

I was very lucky to work on eight Super Bowl commercials in the past three years for huge brands like Pepsi, McDonald’s, Heinz, AT&T, Michelob Ultra and Avocados from Mexico.

The first special one was definitely the Pepsi’s Superbowl Halftime Show trailer ‘The Call’ starring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige. Being able to participate in big CG and FX compositing shots with some of the biggest stars of all time was definitely the dream and I was glad to take part in it. I spent most time on Eminem’s rapping scene and Snoop Dogg’s driving scene. I really appreciate my team and lead who trusted in me through the process. Growing up listening to their music and getting to work on the spot they starred in was such fun.

The next brand that is special to me is McDonald’s. I’ve been able to work on their Super Bowl spots for three consecutive years from the first year I joined Mill. This is a personal history where I can feel how much I have grown in this industry and love working with this brand so much!

 Do you have any favorite Super Bowl traditions?

I know it might be cliche, but for us but I still think the Super Bowl commercials are remarkable traditions.

This is such a unique moment where many intelligent and amazing teams gather to create projects that will be presented in limited time to huge audiences which also makes a high impact. As someone who works on the commercial side, getting a huge exposure of work is an exciting moment. I really enjoy the part where we all get outstandingly collaborative!

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