Next Generation Trading Cards | Associate Producer Emma Eckhoff

Introducing The Mill's Next Generation Football trading cards! These digital collectible items highlight some of our rising talent from production to VFX, helping craft our Super Bowl campaigns. Discover the next generation at The Mill.
Community February 8, 2023

Talk to us about your role within The Mill. 

I am an Associate Producer at The Mill. It’s a great way to be involved in the creative process and help wherever needed. Running smaller projects and being a helping hand on bigger projects. Organizing the chaos of what comes from the type of work we do is one of my favorite things. 


What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial, and why? 

I am working on a Remy Martin spot called “Inch by Inch” that will air in this upcoming Super Bowl, so I will have to pick this one. (Stay tuned!)


How do you want to help shape the next generation of producers at The Mill and beyond?  

Learning from everyone on the great production team at The Mill and finding my own way to help them get the most experience in as many facets of a job as possible. Having fun throughout the job is important too.   


What are your Super Bowl traditions?

Oh, I love a big spread of food with my friends watching it together and getting excited about all the ads airing.  

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