Next Level Creative Production at The Mill | Strategy, ideation and execution

Creative strategy, ideation and execution from concept to delivery
Work June 30, 2021

Our creative production team focuses on the production of work from concept to delivery for any screen or location, leaning on The Mill’s visual effects legacy to create both live-action and digitally crafted work in addition to immersive events and experiences.

We represent and roster over 40 directors worldwide across our London, Berlin, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles locations. This homegrown roster of talent covers an extensive and eclectic list of specialties, from design, animation and visual effects oriented work, to projects that lean into live-action, talent direction and emerging technologies. 

From strategic creative conception to production and delivery, we use our unrivaled expertise to craft memorable visual experiences to engage & captivate audiences.

Production from Concept to Delivery

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and our brand partners are looking for new ways to connect with their audiences, and produce marketing assets. We’re seeing an explosion in mobile content, XR and virtual events, in addition to high volume social video formats, episodic content and longer form brand films. 

By working directly with our creatives, directors and production teams, we can offer brands a way of getting closer to the production of their messaging and the crafting of their stories.

Our legacy for solving creative problems and our connection to new technologies makes it easier for us to adapt to this environment. The best way to think about The Mill is as a group of skilled makers working across all media. We can make anything – from animated characters to interactive immersive experiences and live-action linear film. All this work is done in one place, to a world-class standard. So, when a brand or agency partners with us the production process is inherently simplified. This means we can be reactive, agile and keep our clients and partners at the center of our process. 

“We bring a unique perspective to our client briefs because we use our expertise in making to inform our thinking. With strategic and creative rigor, we find the balance between artistry and production to create compelling work.”
Lydia Corin - Head of Brand Partnerships, North America

We Listen

Our creative strategists are here to make sure your project has an impact. The first step in our creative process is to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and the wider context of your project. We ask questions. Lots of questions.

“The first thing we do when we receive a brief from a client is look for insight on their customers – what makes them tick, what they watch, what makes them laugh, what makes them cry, what do they share, what do they not want to admit? In essence, what unlocks them. When creating a strong creative strategy the key is to dive deep into the mind of the customer, be open minded and curious.”
Anna Fogg - Global Strategy Director

We Define

Work with us to explore the full potential of your project brief.

Using insight and analysis, we collaborate with your team to fully define the creative brief. Where the scope of a project is less defined or open to exploration we can lead creative workshops to develop the best approach.

We Design

We develop well-researched and viable creative ideas: concepts, treatments, design development and prototyping. We also explore potential technology solutions and their application at this stage of the project.

We Create

We build a team of the world’s best artists and specialist producers to bring the idea to life. We can work end to end on your project or provide specialist services across all media and creative technologies.

We have over 40 rostered directors and an accompanying team of expert producers, who specialize in live-action production, design, animation, visual effects and live event activations. 

We are constantly applying new learnings and technologies to our production methods, often developing bespoke production tools to enhance your creative experience.

“I always like to use the analogy of The Mill as a kick-ass Lego set. You have all of these different pieces of a Lego set and you put them together to make the coolest work. The Mill is like that really cool Lego set that you got for your birthday. It has all of the pieces you need to make that award-winning work with the best producers and the best artists. Experiential, Live Action, Edit, Grade, Design, Creative Tech and VFX.”
Ian Bearce - Head of Content

We Measure

We review the impact of your project and refine or adjust as necessary to optimise performance, ensuring you meet your original creative objectives.

“We work with our clients to define KPIs and success metrics, and then fine tune our creative recommendations to ensure we are achieving those goals. Measuring the effectiveness of our strategy and projects is an incredibly important part of our process in order to ensure we’re delivering moments in culture that move the needle for our clients. From in-person event throughput to social conversations and earned media reach, we focus on targeting relevant audiences and ensuring our experiences leave a memorable brand footprint that resonates with all of those who interact with them.”
Mike Knowlton - Business Development Director

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