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Helping brands bring their audiences closer through immersive experiences.
Work June 30, 2021


It’s only an experience if someone feels it. It’s only news when someone shares it. Our Experience team at The Mill combines imagination, deep audience insight and a mastery of emerging real-time technologies to deliver brave and immersive experiences for the world’s most ambitious brands. With a smorgasbord of creatives, artists, technologists and forward-thinking strategists, we work as your innovation consultancy, design hub and makers, to dream and build concepts that make people feel, talk and share.

Not only that, we curate a bespoke team that is unique to each and every project and its needs and then manage that project in-house from start to finish to help craft an experience that will activate cultural audiences and create innovative world firsts along the way.

From augmented reality and artificial intelligence to virtual events and experiential installations, we use our unrivalled Creative Technology expertise to design real-time experiences that will help you build brand fame, engagement and relevance in popular culture. This is more than technology – it’s an art, one that The Mill has led the field in from the very beginning of CG with our 30 year heritage of peerless visual storytelling.

“Ambitious brands are looking for new types of strategic partners who can imagine, design and crucially build immersive experiences that engage their audiences in the real world and increasingly in virtual worlds. And due to our unrivalled expertise in CG and real-time 3D coupled with a unique blend of spatial design and immersive technology talent we are perfectly placed to deliver in these emerging spaces.
Alex Wills, Global Chief Experience Officer at The Mill

Create lasting cultural impact

The experience economy is at a tipping point. 5G, emerging real-time technologies and the ever-increasing functionality of devices means that widely distributed immersive experiences are here to stay. For brands looking for new ways to connect with their customers through powerful storytelling and genuinely transporting experiences, there has never been more opportunity to stand out, truly engage and create lasting cultural impact. A world class experience is an essential first step into a fully developed Metaverse strategy as brands are rapidly discovering.

A global partner

We pride ourselves in being a global partner – utilising talent and technology across the world to deliver the best experiences for our clients. We nurture innovation, flexibility and diverse ideas across our studios in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin and Bangalore.

No two days are the same at The Mill. One day we could be commissioned to do a mobile AR launch for an upcoming blockbuster film, the next it is a functional prototype for the future of biometric-enabled exercise. In between all of that are virtual concerts, intelligent museums, games, AI-enabled virtual characters, and even magical record stores.

We are all united by one single ambition: To create extraordinary and memorable work that captivates and excites audiences.

““One of the most exciting elements of working within interactive and experiential industries is the persistent evolution of technology and creativity, but most importantly the diverse talent required to create in such dynamic mediums.

Having a cohesive global Creative Technology team gives us a lot of confidence when tackling complex projects, as they generally require very diverse skill sets. Our Production teams that support them are equally as nimble and fearless, and position us to apply a variety of production methodologies that suit the work you see in our diverse portfolio of work. ”
Jarrad Vladich, Executive Producer

The experience ecosystem

We conceive and produce every kind of live event, world class activations,  incredible interactive installations and immersive experiences that ignite culture, deepen engagement, and drive awareness. Location-based Experiences offer the opportunity to combine technologies and spatial design for the deepest possible immersive storytelling.

The Mill is pioneering the next wave of premium immersive experiences in AR. Through ever-evolving real-time technology and tools, we are continually exploring new ways to tell incredible stories that add perception shifting layers over the top of reality via socialAR or webAR lenses to open doors into fully realised brand universes in the real world.

From games-like virtual worlds, and real-time avatars to fully-realised social VR designed to transport wide audiences into new ways of seeing and feeling brands and products,The Mill masters emerging real-time technology to create every kind of connected immersive experience.

““Building content using new platforms and technology allow us to make experiences more accessible to new audiences. We are building for both the virtual world and the physical world, which allows us to be truly flexible with our creativity. We get to build interactive experiences utilizing new forms of human-computer interaction and design thinking. Crafting beautiful stories that people get to experience in new ways. While working with the greatest technology partners across the globe, we are helping to push the industry further and creating memorable experiences for years to come.”
Aleissia Laidacker, Global Director of Creative Technology at The Mill

Some of our work you should know about

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