Next Level VFX at The Mill | Our legacy and our future

Visual Effects is our legacy and our future - our command of creative technology and artistry is at the heart of everything we do.
Work June 30, 2021

Our global Visual Effects team combines talent with technology, artistry with rigor, the familiar with the fantastic. From the language of colour to the hand-drawn and photo-real, we bring ideas to life through the use of movement, storytelling and craft.

Our dynamic team of visual experts across 2D, 3D, Design, Color and Finishing work across linear film and interactive content to produce seamless and unforgettable stories.

Visual Effects is our legacy and our future

For three decades we have interpreted the way people perceive and respond to visual imagery and we use this expertise to make our work feel real, surprising and human. If our touch is invisible and helps to create an emotional connection then we have succeeded; this is Mill quality. 

Our foundations are visual design for the moving image, problem-solving, workflow innovation and digital technology. But what is unique about The Mill is not just our tools or process, our value and reputation is built upon our people and relationships. With unrivaled access to artists and thinkers around the globe, we find, train and nurture the most talented creative, technical and production staff in the industry and our scale enables us to work individually, in teams, or as an internal network. 

Our client relationships are also integral to our heritage and continued ability to innovate and surprise. We are a strategic, creative partner providing the space, the tools and the talent for ideas to happen whatever the channel. 

Things have changed and developed fast in the industry with creativity and technology becoming ever more intertwined. We are increasingly finding these developments are enhancing our ability to create art, with demand for innovation pushing the boundaries of quality digital content. Impressive, impactful animation has never been more accessible.

As experts in this medium, it’s up to us to redefine the future of the industry by actively pursuing, researching and developing creative solutions that help tell better stories.

“Our clients know us as pioneers, innovators and go-to problem solvers within the industry, experts in our craft, creating visuals for any platform, screen and device.”
Gavin Wellsman, Executive Creative Director

The Elements

Design is where everything begins and concepts evolve. The Mill’s design team is an interdisciplinary group of creative and technical artists, who approach clients’ challenges through the aesthetic and process-oriented lens of design. This global group of creatives tackles title sequences, commercials, augmented reality filters and everything in between.

CG is the use of specialist computer software to create anything from the impossible and improbable to the mundane; computer generated digital talking humans to filling stadiums with thousands of cheering fans. The opportunities are endless with CGI allowing us to create or enhance more subtle effects. As technology becomes more powerful, CGI capabilities continue to accelerate at a blistering pace through advances in areas like GPU and game engine technology that can provide faster interaction and time-saving solutions.

Our animation team is made up of a multi-disciplinary group of artists who bring ideas to life from hand-drawn cel animation to photo-real characters and creatures. With meticulous attention to detail, we realize the creative vision through the use of movement, storytelling and timing.

“In the world of Animation and VFX, we’ve been solving logistical and creative problems for years. Creative flexibility is critical in advertising - it’s what we do, day in and day out. We create unique and bespoke environments characters & props that often don’t exist, or at least not in the desired format. Then being able to tangibly and seamlessly integrate that content to help elevate the idea is the key challenge we are solving for our clients.”
Mike ‘Chappers’ Chapman, Executive Creative Director

Compositing is where it all comes together. Once all the elements have been created or shot, our compositing crew combines them all together and creates the illusion of reality – giving the impression that everything was captured in-camera for a finished and seamless shot.

At its most basic, colour grading (or correction) is the process of making adjustments to colour and contrast. An excellent colour grade can increase the potential of your work and perceived value of the finished piece. The Mill’s global roster of Colourists use the language of colour grading to craft arresting and beautiful images. We bring instinct and experience to a client’s vision to create exceptional work.

“Colour is intrinsically linked with emotion. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to it naturally and through man-made compositions. Colour grading is an artistry of dedication and collaboration. Think of it as modern day painting for moving images. As Colourists at The Mill, we use the ever-evolving technologies and creative tools at our disposal to evoke a wide gamut of emotions from our audiences across a variety of motion genres”
Oisin O’Driscoll, Head of Colour

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