O2’s beloved Bubl makes unexpected appearances to show customers they can switch

Check out our newest collaboration with VCCP and director dave laden out of Hungryman, for O2’s ‘Switch Up’ campaign. The spot features O2's iconic CG character Bubl - crafted by our VFX team, and was finished with a grade from Mill colourist Philip Louis Hambi.
Work April 4, 2023
“We had a variety of elements to craft such as ice, particles and hair, which by the way, requires a good amount of hours to achieve the correct behaviour, texture, and lighting.

The dojo scene was delightful to do. We combined different plates and procedural techniques in Nuke to make sure the audience believed the action of the robot smashing the wall. We paid great attention to detail to get the interaction between the robot and the surrounding elements, such as picture frames, medals and torn paper.

The Freezer scene was challenging as we explored a few ideas regarding look. Additionally, we had to integrate the robot with real smoke filmed on camera along with several additional plates and more interactions from Bubl.

It was a great project, with a fantastic team which looks forward to playing again with our beloved and charismatic robot soon.”
Adrian Monroy Diaz, VFX Supervisor

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