OKX welcomes you to Web3

Work May 18, 2023

OKX welcomes you to Web3. Teaming up with director Paul Ward, Pulse Films and BBDO, our team of artists – led by Creative Director Sina Taherkani – launched OKX’s new campaign film titled ‘Rewrite the System’.

“We embarked on the OKX campaign with the goal of igniting curiosity and revealing the vast potential of the Web3 platform. Collaborating alongside the talented Paul Ward and the exceptional BBDO team, we had the incredible opportunity to bring their inspired vision to life.

We carefully handpicked a remarkable ensemble of talented artists. Together, we orchestrated a harmonious blend of fresh ideas, design concepts, animation, and visual effects, breathing life into the world of Web3. The unwavering dedication and passion displayed by each team member have truly humbled me, standing as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.”
-Sina Taherkani, Creative Director

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