OREO ‘TROLLS WORLD TOUR’ Augmented Reality Experience | Team Interview

Thought May 5, 2020

The Mill teamed up with The Martin Agency and OREO to bring to life an augmented reality experience on Instagram to celebrate the release of the TROLLS WORLD TOUR movie.

The team crafted an experience enabling fans to use limited edition OREO TROLLS WORLD TOUR packs and cookies to trigger an exclusive Queen Poppy performance. The filter showcases a special dance to the new track, “Just Sing (TROLLS WORLD TOUR)”.

We caught up with the team to get their insights on this exciting augmented reality endeavor.


Art Director, Sasha Vinogradova, comments  “I was excited at the prospect of collaborating with characters as well-revered as Dreamworks’ Trolls and connecting that with a brand as fun as OREO. These two iconic groups are perfectly matched for a project like this. We had some great conversations and collaboration with the Dreamwork’s animation team which included curating the ideal dance animation cycles, texturing and overall look development. With the custom designed elements that we created in house at The Mill studio, we were able to make sure that we kept our Queen Poppy aligned with the exact look and feel of the Poppy that we’ve come to know and love!”

Creative Director, Bowe King, comments “Doing new things in the creative world is always an interesting endeavor – venturing to new places with your creative toolkit and resetting the goalposts with how we use tech to express our creativity. Those things tend to get the innovative juices flowing so when it came to OREO and the TROLLS WORLD TOUR collaboration and using AR tech in new ways, it was an opportunity that our whole team jumped at the chance to do. A huge part of what helped make this project a success was the open communication between the parties involved. We were able to chat with the Spark AR team to bounce aspirations off of them, while also having roundtables with Dreamworks, The Martin Agency and Mondelez – all around a team of people who wanted to push the fun within AR. Plus, having the creative agency in the same room as our artists while we honed in on specific details was an invaluable part of the process – it’s amazing how much progress a team makes when you can get everyone in the same room!”

Technical Innovations Manager, Tawfeeq Martin, comments “While developing this AR experience heroing an OREO x TROLLS WORLD TOUR partnership, we went through various iterations of what the final product would be. We pushed the tech, in this case Spark AR, to its limits! We did some really cool and innovative things with it. In the end we found a solution that created an ecosystem where we could make sure that our final product worked on as many devices as possible for as many users as possible.”

Executive Producer, Dan Phillips, comments “When it comes down to it, here at The Mill we love finding creative solutions and have fun within the creative technology space. As long as we make sure that we have fun creating a cool experience, we know that other people will have fun using it!”