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Work August 16, 2021

The Mill has an extensive history of working with CG crowds. From the Oscar-winning VFX work for Gladiator to Frank Budgen’s iconic PlayStation ‘Mountain’, through to more recent campaigns for ESPN, Nike, and the NFL, we are always finding new ways to take crowds to the next level.

We are able to build the atmosphere and excitement normally created by real fans to enhance the live events viewing experience. CG Crowds enable an easily accessible sense of scale to any project – whether that be a major sporting event, concert, or other live entertainment events. We all know what a crowd looks like, and being able to play with these expectations gives our clients the ability to push the boundaries of how a shot can look and transform the way events are experienced by everyone.

To find out more about creating CG crowds, you can get in touch with our studios here.


Rauri Cantelo:
Creative Directior
Becky Porter, Wes: