Check out our latest work with Apex Legends, introducing a new character through a short film

We collaborated with Respawn Entertainment once again on Apex Legends Season 4 'Assimilation Launch Trailer'
Work January 30, 2020

We joined forces with Respawn Entertainment once again on the launch of the new Apex Legends ‘Assimilation Launch Trailer’. Directors Lisha Tan and David Lawson crafted an action-packed journey to promote the new season. The film introduces Apex Legend’s most sinister character yet, Revenant, and the cinematic world of Apex Legends takes a dark turn as the trailer explores an all-new environment. Working once again with motion capture technology, the team was able to obtain choreographed, long-form stunts that translated seamlessly into the world of Apex Legends.

Mill Director David Lawson comments: “Focusing heavily on pre-production allowed us the time to work with a world-class stunt coordinator. We were able to prep for five days to execute such high levels of stunt work. Utilizing motion-captured enabled us to translate the raw intensity from the stunt performance into the final film. We tried to focus on longer takes that would portray the full actors’ performance in order to deliver the narrative, as opposed to the shorter trailer shots we had done in previous work.”